Mesotherapy is a method of healing with a long tradition, was invented in the 70s of the twentieth century by Dr. M. Pistor. Mesotherapy involves injecting a minimum dose of the substance directly into the affected place.

This method consists of densely located a minimum of intradermal injection of the preparation. Therapeutically active substances, both administered by this method and the same element of dense injection, acting by stimulations on the skin it stimulates the regeneration, de novo production of collagen and causing the proper hydration of the skin. Application of a series of treatments ensures long-lasting effects. One-time treatment is recommended before or immediately after the intended exposure to the sun.

Mesotherapy can also provide botuliny intradermal and/or hyaluronic acid, which gives effect lifting tissue and smoothong skin. Mezoterapy these variations are called mezobotoks or mezolift.



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Wskazania do zabiegu mezoterapii:

  • Zapobieganie starzeniu się skóry i utraty jej wiotkości,
  • Terapia rozstępów,
  • Terapia cellulitu,
  • Leczenie blizn,
  • Leczenie wypadania włosów (łysienia).



Needle-free mesotherapy performed using a professional camera MesoSIN the doctor with appropriate training.


MesoSIN aimed at a professional cosmetic medicine. Provides the same results as traditional mesotherapy without the use of needles, without pain and without contraindications.

The skin acts as a natural barrier that prevented the penetration of foreign substances into the body. To the substance was delivered to the skin and absorbed through the epidermis, must pass through the epidermis horned what can be achieved using MesoSin. The procedure can be performed in different types of therapies: pain, obesity, sagging, cellulite, skin bio-revitalisation.

Transmitted through the device are controlled and adjusted by the electromagnetic pulses of low intensity and high frequency. MesoSIN acts on the cell membrane and to quickly and easily allows the introduction of active factors of drug directly into the cell (from 0.25 to 1.50 grams per minute), reducing duration of patient treatment.