COSMELAN - is the result of years of research in the field of skin depigmentation Dr. E. Kruliga plastic surgeon from Venezuela. This is a unique treatment for treating skin discoloration with different etiologies.

Therapy consists of two stages:

  • First stage is applied by a doctor under the supervision of the cabinet Cosmelan mask peeling.
  • The second is levied in the home by the patient in a strictly defined frequency cream Cosmelan.

Side effects may occur are minor facial erythema and burning after the first part of the surgery and the beginning of the cream.

Indications for surgery:

Dye stains of different origin, resulting from exposure to the sun, as a result of hormonal imbalance after pregnancy, and inflammation of the skin, after applying the perfume.

In the most effective medical preparation in relation to the discolouration called melazma chlorazma and Lentigo. For the other spots (freckles, color change), and acne scars is not as effective but it clearly illuminates the skin. It can be used safely in patients with phototype I to V, so is suitable for every skin type, including people with dark skins.

Gives the best results for skin prone to greasy, as it not only removes the stains, but also reduces the secretion of sebum and shrinks the pores. Factors enabled the preparation of acids: kojic, ascorbic acid, and Phytic and retinyl palmitate. These bright spots without lamination.

After the imposition of preparation, you can either go home and wash it yourself, or remain under observation in the office of a doctor.

As home to continue treatment, the patient for 30 days apply home treatment cream Cosmelan sustaining treatment effects. Cream is an integral part of the procedure included in the price.