Sculptra is an injectable formulation that works by stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen. It is produced by well-known pharmaceutical company sanofi-aventis.


As a result of the preparation obtained is a volumetric effect, which involves the gradual recovery of the lost volume of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and furrows. As a result of preparation features are becoming fuller, and his face looks younger. The results appear gradually and provide a natural look.

Sculptra is a L-poly-milk acid. It is completely resorbable. Its advantage is the use in medicine for nearly 30 years (surgical threads, surgical suture ...):

  • it is completely biodegradable,
  • does not require any prior conduct allergy,
  • a product that was used in over 150 000 treatment of the world.

Sculptra is a product of the volume of re-establishing the skin in a progressive manner. Comes to the gradual production of endogenous, its own collagen, stimulated by the presence of the preparation in the dermis which causes the effect of long-term correction.


Indications for surgery:

It is recommended for patients who want to regain the lost volume and smooth out deep facial wrinkles and depressions in the skin. Sculptra is mainly used to treat the changes within the middle and lower face. Good treatment results obtained in the treatment of flaccidity of the body shells (belly sagging arms).


Durable efficacy - clinical trials

In cases of significant subsidence of the skin (lipoatrophy facial skin) - a significant increase in the total thickness of the skin occurs from the sixth week after administration - the maximum effect is achieved after 48 weeks.


The effect of treatment may persist for up to 2 years!