Microdermabrasion is an exclusive, modern technology, which improves the functioning of the skin and helps to deal with various skin problems. During surgery controlled microdermabrasion vacuum is created by vacuum, which runs a stream of crystals of corund. Crystals at high speed, striking the surface of the skin, thus wiped the dead skin cells and impurities, which are then sucked into a separate container.


With the controlled removal of the upper layers of the epidermis, in the basal layer comes to the intensified development of new, young cells. They wander up and replace gradually, layer by layer, the cells were damaged. During the microdermabrasion treatment is no danger too deep or uneven flaking or scarring. The treatment is painless, and its effects are visible immediately after its execution. Microdermabrasion does not require a reduction of normal activity - only the more sensitive skin might react to a slight redness that disappears after a few hours. Microdermabrasion treatments can be performed even when vascular skin.

Microdermabrasion treatment can be enriched by the administration of active substances with, anti-moisturizing, or przeciwtrądzikowym administered immediately after the concentrated form of pharmaceutical preparations or cosmetological masks.

Both the depth peeling, as well as a set of agents used during surgery are matched individually to the state of the skin and its problems, but any treatment takes place in the same way, with a view to progressively achieving the desired results:

  • elimination of skin problems (minor wrinkles, damage, pollution),
  • to promote the growth of new skin cells and improve their functioning,
  • general skin regeneration, mainly in the disappearance of collagen fibers,
  • proper nourishment of new cells,
  • protection against new damage and aging,
  • elimination of excessive lesions, dry and damaged skin caused by UV.


Wskazania do zabiegu mikrodermabrazji:

  • skóra starzejąca się,
  • regeneracja i uelastycznienie skóry,
  • zwiększenie poziomu absorpcji aplikowanych składników aktywnych,
  • stymulacja mikrokrążenia powodująca lepsze ukrwienie i odżywienie skóry,
  • leczenie zmian trądzikowych, łojotoku, zaskórników,
  • wzmocnienie zdolności obronnych skóry,
  • wywołanie wzmożonej produkcji kolagenu i elastyny (odnowa skóry właściwej).


Charakterystyka zabiegu:

  • bezbolesny - brak konieczności znieczulania,
  • zabieg nie powodujący uczuleń,
  • nie utrudnia wykonywania codziennych czynności.