HIALIQ EXPERT - hyaluronic wrinkle treatment for mature skin.

Exclusive care treatment that gives fast results to improve the appearance and condition of skin. Preparations used for this procedure include in its composition: Hyaluronic acid, which is known for its excellent ability to retain water in the epidermis. The operation is performed without washing preparations applied to the face, allowing maximum saturation of the active ingredients of the skin.

Price 170 PLN

FULNESS OF LIFE - a treatment with phyto estrogens for mature skin.

This treatment is recommended for skin with visible signs of aging - less flexibility firmness and excessive dryness. This procedure is a leading component of a rich extract the iris phytohormones. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improves skin firmness and elasticity. During the operation, we feel wonderful smells - the fruit of grapefruit, wetywerii and oils from the orange blossoms.

Price 170 PLN

PEPTIDIQ - zabieg peptydowy przeciw zmarszczkom i bruzdom.

Jest to bardzo intensywny zabieg ujędrniający i wypełniający zmarszczki na bazie najnowocześniejszych składników znanych kosmetologii światowej. Są to: peptydy stymulujące syntezę kolagenu, lipidowe wypełniacze odbudowujące "stelaż" skóry, kwas hialuronowy nieinwazyjnie wypełniający zmarszczki, alfa-hydroksykwasy przyspieszające odnowę komórkową, fitoestrogeny, algi, skwaleni witaminy.

Price 170 PLN

LIFT & GO - super lifting treatment.

It is a procedure quickly tension the skin, based on the very active preparations containing special multi sugars and polymers. Podczas zabiegu czujemy jak skóra stopniowo napina się i napręża. Staje się lepiej ukrwiona, świeża i wygładzona.


CONTRA ACNE – treatment against acne.

The treatment for the skin with symptoms of acne and seborrhea, with a tendency to formation of jets. Used here are the ingredients of anti-bacterial activity. Was used as an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-α reductase, which inhibits the formation of states inflammatory, keratolytic substances which reduce the tendency to escape gland obstructive glands. Used in the treatment components run on both the effects and causes acne skin problems.


Relief - a procedure for vascular and sensitive skin

This treatment was developed based on sealing and bioflavonoids to strengthen blood vessel walls, an extract from the golden algae, which reduces the reactivity of the skin to external factors and mitigating nutrient complex. Coincidence brings immediate relief red skin, soothes her and wraps a protective jacket made ​​of natural substances. Once the skin you want to preserve youthfulness of skin ...




Treatment with ORANGE and pure VITAMIN C

Based on 12% of vitamin C therapy indicated for intensive anti-aging, dry skin, rough with the signs of aging, after intense sun exposure, after exfoliation treatments, microdermabrasion, power depigmenting therapy.


TREATMENTs based on ROSE flower and oil

It is a procedure based on lactic acid, combined with favorable effects mask pink clay. It contains active ingredients with moisturizing properties, smoothing, soothing and regenerating. After the treatment is applied ampoule of rose oil, enriched with vitamin E and tretinoin - a derivative of vitamin A, that delays aging of the skin. The treatment is indicated for irritated skin, dehydrated, tired and flabby. It can be performed in the summer, when applying creams sunscreen and sun avoidance.



Beneficial effects of cold is used in medicine and rehabilitation for years.

Cold stimulates tissue reconstruction processes and cellular secretion of mediators initiating healing processes of the body areas undergoing, analgesic, gojąco and favorable results in the formation of new connections in the vascular tissues. The effect on tired and flabby skin improves its smoothness and radiance of color.

The cold has a direct impact on improving the circulation, the skin reaction is paradoxical relaxation Kapillar to compensate for cooling. Rapid contraction and relaxation of blood vessels (angio paradox) allows extremely efficient transport of active ingredients-dermokrioforezę - and increases oxygenation of cells.

To use the gel NCTF surgery.

NCTF is essential to revitalize the preparation used in aesthetic medicine for years in mesotherapy needle and now in conjunction with the camera to cryotherapy producing stable low temperature.

It contains a unique complex of revitalizing (vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, minerals, reducing agents), nourishes the skin and accelerates its natural regeneration, and also gives an immediate moisturizing effect. It is the result of many years of experience of doctors and the latest technology in the field of aesthetic medicine.


lifting and skin regeneration,
refreshing and toning,
owalowi restore facial harmony,
lift sagging cheeks, reducing the "hamster"
firming the inner part of the arms, flabby abdominal skin and breast (eg after pregnancy).






The beauty innovative medical treatment based on the experience of South African doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgery.
Micron precision technique to poke the skin with a depth of 0.5-1.5 mm in intensive help may own fibroblasts to produce endogenous collagen.

In the second phase of the surgery the body gets a shock dose of vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid. The treatment relies perfectly oval face Lifting work on sloping areas and slender face. Excels in the treatment of internal pages flaccid arms and thighs especially after successful weight loss.